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Gary Valenciano’s wife Angeli Pangilinan shares an update on his condition after open heart surgery
Angeli Pangilinan gives details on her husband Gary Valenciano’s amazing recovery in less than a week.

Photo credit: @angelipv on IG


After they announced that her husband Gary Valenciano was scheduled to undergo open heart surgery earlier this month, Angeli Pangilinan reported that he was defying medical statistics with his fast and encouraging recovery. She also gave updates on his post-surgery regimen via Instagram as a way to inform Gary's fans and supporters.

“On the third day, May 8, he stood up and walked. The discipline and determination of my husband have never ceased to amaze me. So even after a super major open heart double bypass surgery, he has been doing his breathing and chest coughing exercises religiously because he is determined to use his second life and his new heart to accomplish his unfinished mission on this earth. The day before his surgery, he faced the window and looked at the horizon and said ‘I wish I could sing the song…’ and proceeded to sing ‘Take this cup away from me’ then took a deep breath and went back to his bed. The cup wasn’t taken away ... and so his next season in a most difficult but victorious life journey begins. Gary remains standing. To Jesus be all glory, honor and praise.”


“Day 3 still to day 4: Walking walking walking. It was not the LAD blocked but the left main artery. Doctors told us every single blood vessel they saw around the heart was so healthy except that very small but deadly area of the left main coronary artery that was 95% blocked. The cardiologist told us that Gary could just have dropped D after a jump in a dance !!! What a miracle ! He did ASAP, PGT, Showtime and a PAL show that week before the angiogram. The cardiovascular surgeon said it would have been very difficult to detect that nasty blockage as normally doctors and patients work on symptoms. We really should work on preventive measures next time! Truly the grace of God kept him alive ! Halleluiah !!!! 

“Day 4: He’s out of the woods. Doc said he’s 95% done with the post surgery meds and care. ‘Write about this Gary so you can save lives.’  8 out of 9 tubes taken out. The CCU (coronary care unit) nurse said ‘He’s the smoothest post-operation Type 1 diabetic bypass patient I’ve ever had.’  Bye bye Coronary Care Unit CCU. Thank you to his exceptional medical team! Names to follow! All his doctors were ecstatic. The fastest recovering Type 1 diabetic of 39 years (taking insulin since he was 14) who had a double bypass surgery. They said! They cut his chest, sawed and cracked open his sternum to get to his strong heart, cut up his left thigh to get a vein to graft into his very healthy heart. ♥️(And I saw these thick tubes taken out of his stomach!) And the other day..on the third day he rose again.... and stood up! So on the fourth day one doctor said ‘I saw his heart! It’s the heart of a young man! Like a 20 year old’s!’ Yey! First day of calisthenics and cardio rehab for one hour! The cardiologist said ‘Pards you can go home in two days. I am so happy!’ Go Gary Go! Glory and praise be to Jesus who died for this day in Gary’s life ! 1 Corinthians 15:4 ... ’And on the third day he rose again according to Scriptures...’ The restoration begins. May God’s total healing begin! Cardio rehab challenge next! For 39 years with diabetes he was complication free. Suddenly this! And by God’s grace the procedure was ... complication free!”

“Gary’s smile after his first few steps and how he was able to sit down in a chair for the first time. Often times we fail to value the little things in life that. This was Day 3. #garyvalenciano #thevalencianos#openheartsurgery #prayforgaryv”

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